Artist Statement
I believe a painting should first successfully display the qualitative and objective physical properties of visual artistry (drawing, complex color, composition, and other visceral aspects). The second, and perhaps decisive factor in producing fine art, is the psychological expression and subjective content. This can also be described as the emotional, philosophical, and/or spiritual.

It is my hope and intent to merge these elements to create a finished piece with meaning and substance. Only then in my opinion does a mere design, or conversely a concept, become a work of art.

The paintings are intended to be seen at many levels. I invite the viewer to spend some time very close to the surface, to become absorbed in the brushwork and layering of paint. I would like every detail of the painting to generate interest. Each bit is an abstract composition and complex mix of texture and color, they are the cells to create the painting body. And like the cells of the mind these units come together to create a sense of something greater, whether
it is a literal scene and/or an expression of consciousness. So, in many ways the greater composition should be viewed secondarily. I would encourage one to resist asking who or what is represented in a piece before spending this time with the work. The paintings are not photos, nor are they meant to be literal, while yes they are also “realistic” representations of elements of life...

My favorite subject, and the focus of the majority of my paintings, is the inner mind. Many of my subjects may seem banal but they are my attempt at exploring and expressing the essential psycho-spiritual state that is human consciousness. Are our simple daily thoughts, the very state of our known living being, banal? What are they? Detachment, introspection, and meditation are examples of seeking this goal.

Jason Pechinski